Personal Loan

Personal Loan

An unsecured loan that requires no security or collateral and easy to process with minimal documentation.

For your benefit, we have put down some of the main things to take care of to ensure you are eligible for a business loan. Keep the following points in mind to ensure your application goes through.

What is a Personal Loan Good For ?

Salaried Person can take personal loan for various purposes, to fund a holiday, pay off medical expenses, domestic purchases, to make down payment for home, wedding expenditure and more.

How does Personal Loan work?

  • It is almost similar to other loan where applicants need to:
  • Submit the required documents
  • Be aware of credit worthiness
  • Know the interest rates
  • Know your capability in terms of tenure eligibility & repayment.

Why it is a Good Option?

  • Good alternative to credit cards debts.
  • Longer repayment tenure
  • Good substitute for cash options
  • No headache for collateral or security
  • Quick approval & disbursal.