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Proper management of finance for maximum returns is a matter of great concern to everyone. The overall improvement of lifestyles in the country has created a condition for financial investment and/or insurance. There are so many Government and Private players in this line offering different financial services, each having its own specific benefits. But not all individuals have that prudence to choose a right financial plan. Here, we, SFS, a new age financial service providers step in to suggest you safe, beneficial and befitting financial solutions. with the growing challenges in the new age, time has come when one has to seek assistance of a financial consultant for proper guidance and information. The lack of proper guidance & information could lead to unnecessary headache and losses. We introduce our selves as a comprehensive financial solution provider, with a clear frame of mind & vision to help you. With the unique working pattern at SFS we are able to provide to the customer various services under one roof. We make it a point to safeguard the security and safety of our customers & our institutions. Our tract record in the past with our valued customers and the financial institutions has been excellent and we offer you the same services at all times.

Our Expertise

We have an enviable reputation for providing a fast, & efficient service in a friendly and professional manner. Prior knowledge of various businesses, banking operations and financial nitty-gritties help us in good stead to offer you the best of the services. We are dedicated to achieve the best possible solutions in the shortest period of time while handling each client's case with perspective, integrity and dedication. Our consultants assist clients in identifying various aspects of their needs and provide the most effective and optimum commercial solutions.

Value Proposition

Since inception, the core value of the firm has been to provide top-notch services with utmost integrity. HONESTY , LOYALITY AND RESULT ORIENTATION are the three basic values on which the firm's activities are based. The firm places strong emphasis on professional ethics, which are never compromised. Innovation and continuous skill upgradation are considered crucial. The motto of the firm is total customer satisfaction and safety of the lending Institution.

Our Services

We are among those very few People, who take maximum precautions to keep both our customers and our Institutions on the safer side, because we as CONSULTANTS cannot survive without either of them.

We have a unique working Pattern and are the only one such service provider wherein the customer gets all services under one Roof. We have made a point wherein our CUSTOMERS and our INSTITUTIONS work on 0% Risk factor.

We not only provide services to the customers in Mumbai CITY but also NRI who need information regarding property, home loans, Other loans & services including real estate services too.


We have a group of experts from Various Banks and Financial lending Institutions, who have come forward to find a best possible way out, for Solving the case as per the Particular Bank / Institutions Rules and Regulation. We provide specialized services for
- Home Loans
- Loan for Shops & Offices
- Mortgage Loan
- Construction Loan

There are many Banks, Institutions, and Agencies giving above services. But the Difference in them and us is, we have a MUCH WIDER NETWORK MUCH WIDER WAY OF LOOKING into the cases and MUCH WIDER OPTIONS to be given to our customers who deserves the best and we intend to deliver the best. We are Authorized Agents for some leading institutions, but we also keep all other options open.

Mortgage Loan

We assist our customers to get Mortgage Loan against their House or Shop . Mortgage Loan is taken by those who need money for SHORT PERIOD and need FAST MONEY. Mortgage Loan once again is a specialized product, not all lending Institutions do it. But yes we have done it and we intend to do many more of it.

Construction Loan

Construction Loan has a different pattern. It mostly comprises to Builders and Developers, It is also given to individuals to Build Bungalows and Row Houses. The construction Loan to Builders and Developers is done by very few Lending Institutions. It all Depends mostly on the type of Project and Resale Value of the Project. It is a beautiful product to have under our belt. We also get the project approved by banks and institutions.

We are Confident and Positive about our Success and Satisfaction. Since we are Positive in our approach we have (No Negatives (i.e. No Negative Area, No Negative Profession and No Negative Attitude) For this only Reason Our Customers and Our Landing Institutions with 0% Risk have jointly show an upward trend in the Satisfaction Graph.

Home Loan

We assist our Customers to get Home Loan that suits their requirement. That suits their BUDGET , that comes at a COMPETITIVE RATE , that comes at 0 (Zero) hidden cost, that is HASSLE FREE, without much TROUBLE, and that is acceptable to the Lending Institutions. We deliver the ultimate best and best safe loans.

Loan for Shops & Offices

We Assist our customers to get Loans for Purchasing Shop or Office, that will suit their requirement and help them expand their Business and Growth.

There are few Lending Institution which Lend for Commercial purpose. They all have different ways and means of doing it. It is a product, which is very different from Home Loans in many aspects. We have delivered this service in past and we intend to do more services to many more help them in expanding there business.

Real Estate Services

Today, construction for residential and commercial purposes throughout India, especially in Mumbai and its suburbs is in full swing due to proactive policies of Government for development.

We deal with the big picture of buildings & constructions in Mumbai. At our perusal, we have information and access to all the builders, small or big, and completed and ongoing projects. We have ready status for the rates, availability, site features and amenity features.

We have a range of FIRST & SECOND SALE FLATS, BUNGLOWS, ROW HOUSES, OPEN PLOTS, SRA projects and some incomplete PROJECTS. Customers can always get the BEST POSSIBLE VALUE for their MONEY/INVESTMENT with a proper LEGAL AND TECHNICAL Valuations.

It is definately a dream come true for every individuals and NRI's to avail these services for first time.

Insurance & Investments

Question.What does Insurance & Investment mean?
Answer :It only means PRECAUTION & SAFETY, with RETURNS. We have a body of various Insurance and Investment Consultants who advice the customer for a Better and Bright future for he/she themselves and their entire family. Our emphasis on Insurance and Investment is very simple. We at SFS do not believe in Complication and in short we give you the details of some selected plans which are of great benefit for you and your entire family.

The message for Insurance and Investment is very simple. Both words starts from Alphabet I & I means 'ME' and when I / ME is SAFE , SECURE AND SOLID . Then his/her entire family is SAFE , SECURE AND SOLID.

At SFS we feel that we and our family should be Safe, Secure & Solid so as other too. It is very much true "Insurance is must to Protect our family & business after Us."

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